What's Up Rob

Friday, November 18, 2005

WOW WOW WOW sad to be back and glad to be alive

Hi all that is reading this Where back,

WOW Vegas is amazing, but what ever you do, do not do as we did,
we went for 10 Days, we stayed in Vegas the first and last couple of nights, with a long
road trip in the middle, i wished we did not go back to vegas at the end and just jump on
a plane and came back. The reason i say this is that it is so much of a culture shook go
back to vegas after driving in the beautiful countryside that sound it ( more to follow).
Are trip started with 2 nights at the Luxor, and then we hit the road, we where aiming
to get up to bryce canyon for our first stop, but we started out a bit to late coupled
with the fact that we crossed into MET Mountain time, that means we lost 1 hour ( bugger)
so we had to cancel that nights hotel in bryce cannon and head for Zion park instead....
Zion is a great place i will tell you more about it later, words do not do it you need
to see the pictures. So on that note I'll cut this short as i need to post some pictures.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

the Night before we had out

We it is the night before we hit the road, I'm of to vagas man vagas in the morning and i can not wa. Some not so good news yesturday, as i was finishing up my work the manage ask me to go in to an office with me she has some thing to tell me. when i closed the door she asked me if i had a contact number for when i was aay as there will be an anoucment on monday and i will need to know about it.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

on the way back

Well what can i say, the concert is over and i feel a few pounds lighter. I have never seen so many middle aged women in one place, i think mick is getting a bit worried, when he looks out into the crowd he is seeing the age group of his fans getting older and older, in a few years time he is going to feel like cliff richards. K taken some snaps and i'll post them later.

simply red

I am now sitting in the albert hall waititog for the concert to start, the 1st act was good, her name is amy smith. The is the last time i'm buying cheap tickets we can re the stage. Well thats it for now.